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Hello Advertising & Marketing Community

We started the “A Partner in Need is a Partner Indeed” initiative a couple of years ago during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We realized the growing need for seasoned advertising & marketing professionals to continue practicing their craft even during very restrictive times.

That’s why we have created an Online Digital Amplification Platform for advertising agencies, creative boutiques, design studios and freelance advertising & marketing communities.

They successfully used our platform to develop all their creative and digital assets, from websites, portals, eStores, eCommerce & publishing platforms, to mobile apps, games, animated & explainer videos, TVC and content productions.

To show we mean business, we’ve provided an array of global resources and assets, to further support their advertising and branding assignments.

We have the edge to provide cost-competitive solutions, considering our digital and production hub is in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific region.

Another advantage is our powerful tech and production team, guided by professionals with strong advertising backgrounds, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the branding & creative processes.

With all this in mind, let us introduce the Ideal Referral Partners Platform, where the advertising & marketing community earn and evolve together with us.

In today’s digital environment, visionary professionals have the ability to work on multiple projects, so why not help them reach their true potential?

The inspiring chapters of your professional journey are the assets that can transform your network into a revenue stream.

This platform is open to freelance professionals and business consultants alike, allowing them to submit proposals and work on the development of their project.

Get in touch with us if you think you can be an deal business referral partner who can effectively translate their network and professional journey into a developing business.



In today’s digital age, professionals can work on multiple ventures, so why not expand your true potential and start earning on every project you work with us?

The inspiring chapters of your professional journey and Networking are the assets and can be the key to translating them into a revenue stream.

Our Affiliate / Referral Partners initiative is Ideal for professionals in marketing, sales, advertising, media, events, and PR, our program allows you to generate earnings by leveraging your networking abilities and referring new business to us.

Whether you’re an individual or represent an advertising, media, event marketing or PR agency, our platform is open to all who want to venture with us and drive success together.

Ready to translate your Networking, professional journey and social contacts into real growth?

Contact us today to learn more about becoming an Ideal Affiliate or Business Referral partner and promoting MI Network’s suite of services to generate another revenue stream for yourself.

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Please fill out the form to learn more about the platform. We’ll arrange a video call of the short-listed professionals with our team leaders before sending them the contract to become our Business Referral Partners.

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    Website Design & Development
    Ecommerce & eStore
    Mobile Apps & Gaming
    Explainer & Content Videos
    Animation & Motion Graphics
    Logo & Digital Assets Branding


    TV Commercials
    Corporate Videos
    Music Videos
    Branded Content
    VFX & Animations
    Line Productions
    Browse our brand-first digital agency website to better understand how we work and check out our manifesto, services, clients and digital & content portfolio.
    Take a look at our brand-first film production agency that crafts, directs and produces captivating stories and inspiring brand imagery for the world’s leading international & regional businesses.

    Join the Glamorous World of Film-making

    If you love films and movies and want to work with the best creative professionals, from award-winning film directors to cinematographers, celebrities, models, sound designers, musicians, fashion designers, stylists, chefs, performers and photographers, all on international locations and studios, join our production house and discover the glamor of the film-making world.

    Bring your client and agency contacts, and an active social network, and together we can transform them into successful projects for global audiences to enjoy.

    What We Offer

    The opportunity to work in the captivating film industry, earning a competitive pay.

    What We Promise

    We promise new, exotic locations, and the chance to experience new cultures and meet and work alongside celebrities.

    To top it all off, we guarantee valuable working experience within our multicultural team of professionals, and a competitive referral fee on every project.