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Multi Channel Content Creation

We create engaging creative content that builds awareness attracts followers, and fosters brand advocacy.



Creative Content Marketing

Creative Content Marketing Brand-first impressions matter greatly; through engaging multi-channel content marketing, we can increase brand awareness and foster enduring relationships with your audience.

Our passion lies in storytelling; it all starts with high-quality creative content encompassing engaging images, photography, soulful scripting, social media posts, and full-length video advertisements.



Cross ChannelContent Marketing

The modern marketing environment consists of an extensive and intricate blend of digital and physical experiences. Brands must adapt their content to be effective wherever their audience may be.

We are here to help your company pinpoint those touchpoint opportunities and create compelling content that transcends, whether it be for traditional television, social networks, outdoor billboards, mobile ads, or a chance conversation with a digital concierge.

Digital Videos & Social


TV Commercials - Music Videos

Imagery Ad Films & Branded Entertainment Content

Our worldwide production partner, MI Films Worldwide, a Brand-First Production Agency, was founded in 2009 to empower brands by producing captivating brand stories with powerful and distinctive brand imagery, leading them to excel in their marketplace.

We have mastered the art of crafting, directing, and producing captivating storytelling with inspiring brand imagery in a cinematic style and approach, bringing magic to every film we create for the world’s leading international and regional multi-billion-winning brands.

Our forward-thinking creative leader, strategic cultural branding narrator, and filmmaker Ehmer Kirmani has fostered an exceptional working culture across the network by collaborating with top film community professionals from the Western and Eastern Hemispheres.

Under his inspiring leadership, our talented, experienced, and highly skilled global creative and film production team executes every project passionately and seamlessly, knowing how to utilize the team’s expertise and skills to deliver the best.

With our enthralling storytelling and cinematic approach, we work globally with clients and agencies in Asia, the Middle East, and beyond to bring inspiring brand stories to life.

Our significant shootings and post-productions have occurred in Thailand, Pakistan, UAE, India, and Turkey, as well as in Poland, and the UK, through our worldwide partner network.

Explore our Manifesto, Showreels, Tabletop Food Reel, TV Commercials, Branded Content, and BTS Gallery to see our unique edge in crafting, directing, and producing high-end brand imagery commercials and branded content.