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TCS Connect-Shopping that clicks



Shopping That Click


TCS wanted to revolutionise how people & businesses do shopping/retail in Pakistan and needed the right partners.

Media Idee and our network branding agency Creativecom was hired as strategic, creative & digital partner to launch the E-commerce business of TCS.

We have worked on Marcom’s Branding strategy by deriving Brand Nomenclature, Brand Identity, Brand Imagery, and Creative & Communications platforms.

We have suggested the platform of ‘Empowerment’ with the brand promise “Shopping that Click,” whereby the consumer controls the shopping experience.

The visual executions based on the empowerment platform showed people in control due to shopping from TCS Connect. TCS Connect offered a deal of 10% cash back to support the launch.

We have developed full-fledged 360 marketing campaigns for the launch. We are working on follow-up digital and social campaigns to promote the e-commerce business, from increasing the traffic on the website to generating sales and creating consumer engagement and experiential digital journey.

For the first time, the trend of seasonal and occasional sales festivals was introduced on digital platforms in Pakistan by TCS Connects, which other eCommerce players later followed.


  • Website Design
  • UI & UX Design
  • Content Management Systems
  • Content Writing
  • Website Development
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO

TCS Connect-Advertising and Promotion


TCS Connect-Weekend Hot Deals


Generate sales by dropping the prices on a basket of goods every weekend, this is the premise behind the weekend hot deals. The campaign is running successfully and has become a feature that fans wait for with anticipation.
The weekly hot deals have increased TCS Connect’s customer base as well as its Facebook fans have grown.

TCS Connect – Dedicated to Mom


Mother’s Day is a universal holiday and Media Idee decided to use it as a platform to engage the Facebook fans of TCS Connect. Choosing an emotional approach, we decided to create a competition where the fans would send in their entries in the form of both a story and a picture expressing their love and pay tribute to their moms. The campaign engaged the fan base and created equity for the brand.

TCS Connect-Eid Festival 2013


TCS Connect- Winter Wonderland


TCS Connect-Samsung Galaxy S4


In order to launch the most awaited smartphone of the year on TCS Connect we created a campaign that focused on the S4’s amazing features.
The campaign included Facebook posts as well as display ads on various sites with a high visit rate for the target audience

TCS Connect-7 Days of Gift Ideas


Mother’s day means two things emotion and commercialism, this campaign linked both, a basket of various products were created that included all the brands that a mother could wish for earrings, perfume, rings and more. The fans were encouraged to buy from the gifts and win the chance to get a voucher.

TCS Connect-Cinderjutt


In order to promote the play Cinderjutt, we organised a competition where the fans had to answer questions related to the characters and the play’s plot. This contest not only generated awareness about the play but created a high level of interest and engagement with fans competing to win passes.

TCS Connect-Hero Bakra Contest


To associate ourselves with Eid, we launched a Hero Bakra competition where the objective was to send a picture of your Bakra in a heroic pose. This 1 week competition, generated over 20,000 likes for TCS Connect, 1.2 million people were reached during the campaign, including over 340,000 due to the virality of the campaign.
240 entries were submitted and voted on and generated positive sentiment for the brand throughout the blogosphere.

TCS Connect - Trick or Treat



We were pioneers in associating a local brand with international events such as Halloween. Taking a cue from the popular “Trick or treat” game, we developed an app which when users would click would either treat them with a discount or ‘scare’ them.
The game proved to be very popular with over 6,000 likes generated in a span of just 5 hours. 350,000 people were reached and over 2,000 played the game.
The game also had a direct effect on sales with the till then highest single day traffic and sales due to voucher redemption

TCS Connect - Laddoo Bites Social Campaign


To associate TCS Connect with the Shaadi season, the Laddoo Bites campaign was developed. The objective was to curate the most interesting stories from our fans, no matter what relationship they had to the bride or groom – cousins, sisters, in laws, fathers, mother’s could all participate in the campaign and give their unique perspective to the wedding.
For the first time in Pakistan, regional languages were used to derive affinity to the brand, with stories being accepted in six different languages including Seraiki, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Baluchi as well as English and Urdu. The language on the page was changed from just English to all languages and Moderators replied in the language of the communicator.
Within just 5 days of the 10 day campaign, fans had grown by 8,000, reach had exceeded 600,000 and over 150 entries were received all organically.
We created variations of the campaign insignia to reflect the nature of the story submitted. Happy laddoo characters for a funny story, sad ones for an embarrassing one.
See the full campaign and stories at:

TCS Connect-Eid Festival 2012


For the first time ever in the history of Pakistan, TCS Connect developed the concept of having online deals with a limited time of one day i.e. 24 hours.

TCS Connect-Azadi Offer-14/14/14


Mediaidee devised a campaign to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence day 2012, based on offering 14 Samsung Galaxy S3 phones at 14% discount.
The offer which was valid for the 14th of August only was hugely successful. Even to today, people remember the S3 deal and many have asked for a similar deal on other popular phones.